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KCNH Catalogue 2015-2016

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The natural health field is growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world as never seen before in history. People are becoming aware of their body by seeing the detrimental effects that modern allopathic (drug) paradigms have on their natural balance (homeostasis). Thus creating more negative anomalies than positive results. The naturopathic approach encompasses the core building blocks of all living organisms by helping, aiding and assisting them in building, repairing and maintaining health.

Since 1993, the Kingdom College of Natural Health has been an innovator in naturopathic education. Our curriculum is somewhat more arduous than other contemporary educational institutions offering like or similar degrees. However, the knowledge gained by studying here at KCNH will give you a solid foundation from which to confidently engage in any aspect of natural health pertaining to your particular area of study throughout the world. It is for this reason, we typically attract professional students seeking to further their knowledge in natural health modalities.

When it pertains to human [natural] medicine, you will be mentored by a professional faculty trained in their field of expertise and have been in the natural health profession for many years. We encourage both professional and non-professional enrollment. If you are a novice to the natural health concept, a keen amateur, or a seasoned professional, Kingdom College of Natural Health will provide a cultivated avenue to the kingdom of knowledge you seek!

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