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Naturopathic Psychology



$65/per credit hour - Total Tuition: $780.00 - Monthly Payment Plans Available

Naturopathic Psychology I – Complementary Alternative Medicine & Psychiatry- alternative therapies in
this study are used by thousands of practitioners and have proved to be effective. This study is one of the few in
existence that provides and academic and practical review of complementary and alternative medicine. The
study is from the perspective of clinicians who practice both traditional and alternative medicine. The study cov-
ers: herbal medicine and nutrients, acupuncture, meditative therapies, and yoga. It provides the most important
and up-to-date scientific data along with controversies that exist in the field. This knowledge will be of great
value to many clients who today are taking increasingly active roles in managing their health care. They are us-
ing CAM therapies in the medical setting along with or in place of conventional treatment. Discussed are: Mood
disorders, sexual enhancement therapy, migraine headaches, anxiety, cognitive enhancement, athletic enhance-
ment, endocrine and reproductive systems, pathophysiology, and much more . 4 CREDIT HOURS
Naturopathic Psychology II -The Vitamin Cure for Women’s Health Problems – This study focuses on
some of the most common health concerns of women, and how vitamins and nutrition can help, because most
American diets are woefully inadequate in providing good nutrition. Research proves the immense value of vita-
mins for maintaining optimum health and fighting disease yet few individuals know their benefits for achieving
a healthy lifestyle. What you will learn from this study is a step-by-step, drugless approach to the specific ill-
nesses that women face and how to use vitamin therapy to improve their health. This study gives straightforward
guidance on the serious issues that women deal with throughout their lives, such as PMS, yeast infections, uri-
nary tract and bladder infections, and menopause, Even complex issues are covered such as hormonal contracep-
tion, sex drive concerns, infertility, and prevention of cancers of the breast, ovaries, endometrium, and the cer-
vix. Women make up 50 percent of the population --- but are women’s unique health issues really understood
and safely handling by modern medicine’s rush to pharmaceutical solutions? Often our American doctors miss
the mark by giving only a few minutes of their time and a quick prescription to women rather than taking time to
look into the [actual] reasons why certain problems have developed. Instead of offering natural and safe solu-
tions for their female patients, their prescriptions may have dangerous side effects which may cause their prob-
lems to get worse.  4 CREDIT HOURS  
Naturopathic Psychology III -Nutritional Healing & The Psyche - Mental Disease is the second leading
cause of disability and premature mortality in America and other developed countries. Some years ago schizo-
phrenia was the most commonly diagnosed mental Disorder, but now it is Bipolar Disorder. This course is es-
sential for holistic healers because it is essential knowledge for the practitioner who desires to heal the whole
person. You will learn about the causes of mental disorders and what triggers them such as: Genetic Vulnerabil-
ity, Stress, Chemical Toxicity, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Food Allergies, Intestinal Dysbosis, Food Additives, Nu-
tritional Imbalances, Neurotransmitter Deficiencies, Hormonal Imbalances, Hypoglycemia, Structural Factors,
Medical Conditions, Medications/Drugs, Stimulants and Alcohol, Lack of Sleep, Lack of Exercise, Lack of
Light, and Energy Imbalances. For all of these disorders you will learn what herbs and good nutrition will pro-
vide for clients who are seeking a remedy for their maladies and also be taught how to design an “Action Plan”
for your clientele.  4 CREDIT HOURS