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Homotoxicology Certificate Program


12 Credit Hours

$65/per Credit Hour - Total Tuition: $780 - Monthly Payment Plans Available

Courses and Descriptions


  • HOMOTOXICOLOGY I – Introduction: Homotoxicology is an approach to healing that integrates the principles of homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. Homotoxicology came to the forefront about 50 years ago, made popular by the Germans, and has now spread throughout the world, and gaining strength in the United States. This form of medical treatment may involve certain herbals and other forms of medicine. In Part I you will learn about the various homotoxicological remedies that will detoxify the human body, as well as how to use homeopathic remedies, tablets, oral drops, topical solutions, inhalation, and synergistic compounds. 4 CREDIT HOURS

  • HOMOTOXICOLOGY II - You will learn about thousands of toxic chemicals, exogenous toxins, pollution, toxins that are absorbed through the air. Other toxins are discussed and how they are absorbed into the human body through synthetic chemicals, food, water, bacteria, viruses, and allopathic drug residue. Endogenous toxins also are important; they are produced inside the body from lactic acid, adrenaline, histamine, antigen-antibody complexes, nutrient deficiencies, psychological stressors, and emotional traumas. You will learn also about the “Phrases of Development” and how these elements penetrate the body. 4 CREDIT HOURS

  • HOMOTOXICOLOGY III – You will become involved in this part with treatment. There are many conditions that may be treated with homeopathic and naturopathic [and even allopathic] homotoxicology. You will learn to access the level at which toxins penetrated the client’s body and learn to design treatment plans that will bring about change for the better in a client’s condition. Learn to recognize acute conditions and chronic conditions. Also, you will learn bout detoxification and connective tissue activation, and the remedies that will change the course of many diseases. Complementary approaches are also learned and how to treat underlying imbalances in the body so that the body’s natural defense system may begin functioning properly to bring about healing. 4 CREDIT HOURS