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Thank you for your rapid response. I have been so impressed that you folks function like a well-oiled machine. I hope your students appreciate what they have at KCNH. I can remember, as an undergrad at some top-flight academic institutions, not being so well-served as a student there and then. 


 ~ Laurence Hicks, D.O, D.C., N.D., H.M.D.

I just wanted to inform you that I received my degree and transcript. They are beautiful! The packaging/presentation of my Ph.D. degree is far better than any other institution, college, or university I have attended! Moreover, from my experience as a seasoned post-secondary level educator, KCNH offers quality education in Natural health that challenges each student to truly apply the content being learned in each subject matter. 

~Nancy Cox, Ph.D., M.S.Ed.

This is a great college. I have been in the medical field for twenty-five years and I have also been a college level instructor and I can honestly say that this is the best education that I have ever received. The reading was very intensive and the knowledge that I gained is amazing. You will work, study, read and learn in a unique way. Kingdom College of Natural Health provides a truly rewarding experience with help only a phone call or email away.

~Rose Gardner, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 

Any education is only as good as the effort the student puts into it.  But the underlying structure of information delivery can either foster or dampen the student's initiative - and what I really like about the course delivery methodology of KCNH is that it provides an atmosphere to foster the learning initiative. You will not be asked to regurgitate spoon-fed information; you will be encouraged to develop your own style and your own thought processes...so if that excites you as it does me, then I highly recommend Kingdom College of Natural Health.

~Sarah Reagen, Doctor of Naturopathic Animal Sciences

I have been a teaching assistant at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College, and a professor at Sauk Valley. I have been a student at public universities, private universities, and online colleges. I think I can speak as an experienced student and professor to the learning experience. KCNH has a good product. For the interested, motivated, and non-traditional student, it is the ideal learning setting. 

~Ralph Pifer, Doctor of Naturopathic Psychology, Thesis Program.

I look at my certificate (of completion) and transcript and I feel proud. Thank you to Kingdom College of Natural Health staff for making my transition a pleasant and helpful experience while assisting with my questions on coursework. This program has been so interesting.


~ Marie Belveg, Holistic Health Care Practitioner

The coursework for the natural animal health program is unlike any classwork that I have taken before. Rather than being forced to memorize minutia and take tests, the homework assignments are created by the student. This enables the student to put onto paper what he, or she, has learned and allows for the creativity of the unique individual to shine through. It also allows the student to truly understand, and remember the coursework. Everyone's learning style and experiences are different, which is what makes the Kingdom College of Natural Health style unique, individualized, and completely innovative and fair.


~Jen Zech, D.V.M., Natural Animal Health Program

In my studies, I have learned so much and I find the assignments to be fascinating. The Kingdom College of Natural Health staff has been very helpful when I had any questions or needed anything. I am very pleased with my experience.

~ Constance Michael, Master's in Clinical Nutrition

I found the Doctor of Naturopathy studies at Kingdom College of Natural Health to be a great program. The people at the college are terrific and if you need help with anything they are just a phone call away. I would highly recommend KCNH to anyone wanting a degree in natural health.

~John Ehlert, Ph.D., Doctor of Naturopathy