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Dr. Mercedes Colburn

Dr. Mercedes Colburn
School of Natural Animal Health

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Mercedes Colburn, PhD, ND, is an herbalist, the owner of Through The Eye International, and co-creator of the Equine Iridology Grid. 

Involved in grid research and education, Mercedes has worked with hundreds of horses over the last decade, having gone into research to find the reason for colic and how to prevent it.
Mercedes began taking series of photos of horses' eyes and set up a double-blind system for the development and testing of the new Equine Iridology Grid. 
Please do review the Iridology Studies available with Dr. Colburn and KCNH.


  • 1977 MA, Vocational Education, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1987 Certification/Iridology Dr. J. Richardson
  • 1988 Herbalist, Dr. Richardson
  • 1988-1989 House Herbalist at Through The Eye International (formerly the Herb Farm Co.)
  • 1989 Certified Nutritional Herbalist, Mark Peterson
  • 1989 Certified Herbalist, Dr. Jim Jenks
  • 1989-Certification/Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen.
  • 1990 Certified nutritional Herbalist. Dr. J. Richardson
  • 1992 Certified Herbal Consultant, Joan Vandergriff
  • 1995-Present Researcher/Educator/Equine Iridology
  • 1998 MA, Holistic Healing, Steveal Horn
  • 1999 Iridologist/Herbalist, Dr, Jim Jenks
  • 2000 Certified Iridology, Dr. Jim Jenks
  • 2001 Doctor of Naturopathy, Trinity College, IN
  • 2006 PhD, Richmond’s University, London, England